HUGE Printer - Landschaftsdruck WARRIORS
  MALKASTEN  Although the capture of space is normally based on visual sense, visually impaired people, who experience space through their sharpened auditive channels, talk about a “picture of space”. It seems to be self-evident that eyes and ears work parallel to each other. There is no sound without a source. A source of sound that we can’t see or define seems uncannily to us. But what happens when we hear something that we can’t see? Or see what we can’t hear? And what if our ear transforms into our eye?   The installation “MALKASTEN” offers a sense of space to the recipient without providing the corresponding tangible room. Auditive and visual percipience act parallel and in the same time separately. The project offers input via the auditive channel. You control it by moving your hands in an intuitive way of drawing on the sand covered interface. The user is drawing in the sand and hears a different room. The seemingly direct connection between haptic sense and the auditive entrance enable an unusual, familiar orientation in a room which at this point is virtual but in its origin real.  “I don’t know if my ear follows my hand or conversely. I´m drawing with sound.”
  City-ECG  r ythmic data  An organic growth principle  amongst several cities has been detected during the attempt of illustrating urban development in a ledgible way. Considering the city as a living organism, a new level of presentation of this almost human energy has to be found. This testing apparatus listens to the heartbeat of the city by reading four contemporary parameters: Noise, motion, wifi activity and carbon dioxide level. Dependent on the output of the sensors, the portable recorder tapes the data analog like an ElectroCardioGraphy machine (ECG) and punches it into paper.  The analog punchcards can be replayed by the corresponding drum-machine at any time and additionally enable a comparison of the different rythms.  "The city composes its own melody - music as a mode of communication in a time of 'big data'."