DEMATERIALIZE   What is a structure characterized by? When does it appear aesthetic, when repellent? The research project focuses on dissociation through dematerialization of familiar forms and structures. The stool´s extraordinary appearance is reinforced by contrasting two opposing manufacturing techniques: As the seating surface is produced in a digital-subtractive process the legs are cast in a silicone mould from a specific PU-resin mixture - digital subtraction vs. organic addition.  "In the end we created a monster from cauliflower."   Featured on  dezeen .
  ECHO / NARCISSUS  are two mirrors that focus on minimalistic construction. Standing mirror NARCISSUS and hanging mirror ECHO do not come up with any frame to hang on the wall or stand on the ground, but instead use the glass in a constructive way. Both mirrors are available in colors: crystal, coal, banana.   The greek myth of ECHO and NARCISSUS is a tragic love story between the mountain nymph Echo and beautiful Narcissus, son of the river god Kephissos. Unfortunately Narcissus already fell in love with his own reflection, making Echo run into a cave, where she listens to her own voice for the rest of her life. 
  ENERGY STOOL  No matter what we do, we constantly move energies. Just like a battery, the human body renews it’s energy storage at rest to transform it into action during everyday life. German artist Joseph Beuys (*1921; †1986) created an eco-cycle within the law of conservation of energy which attributes an energy storing function to wax. Inspired by Joseph Beuys’ eco-cycle, we replaced modeling wax with real beeswax to increase the amount of energy within the lost wax casting process. The bronze seater of the casted stool glints in a golden honeycomb structure and pays tribute to the work of busy bees, offering users a resting place to restore their energy, giving it back to the insects.   Featured on  designboom . 
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